A portion has become enough
to follow now; as stuff of promise:
and to you therefore I tender here my hand
inviting a touch; as proper,
and due of friendship

For dangerous royalties your eyes white smart; and storms
protestant loom anon, a cross, indignant zeal
forced, over-strenuous, vigils anxious watching briefs
belabour in near-regard, and wheel a summersault in toils;
they break the spine and stomach of felicity

Your reasoned disbelief,
suits tight the oppressive moment, whereon running-through
reprisal recitals, trifling, safe, you root,
soliloquise; I demure:
smile out loud, suborned, you make it war! –
this roaring knowledge overmatches a malfeasant grace;
face-set, admonishments pursue; unslaked, intent