The West has Gone West

There are too many optimal bloggers
Because all we all want is to feel as if it mattered
Too many gods to follow; hopelessly ensigned oracles

One puts himself forward, over another’s line
I put my gods before yours
And press-out sour grounds in flaky two-bit preferences

In a timeshare convergence of difference
Assertion by combat; same difference, stands judge over others;
A stolid indifferent verdict on stoical God

Stood as judge upon others stands to judge every quantum
Thy words patter loudly: ‘Thou shalt not….thou shalt not….’
Closing down all things, collateral worlds rolled back;
They shut down the whole damn cosmos; a consensus under polity

Every judgement then is come down upon the Philistines
Every judgement then is emergent of the Philistines –
And you tell us your gods are our betters?

Let me stand by my own god, though my own god looms beyond me –
But maybe it’s better we heed no more this navel self awareness?
The conspicuousness of the straight road steep in verity

Collates and drives me, through highways of blithesome rises
Out of the shadows where thankless opinions burden every drone;
Heed not the ogre Moguls settled on their mighty chairs

Their grandstanding vacuuming great I AM’s most-honoured pelf
Let us bring in the God of effacements, take his toils upon us,
In grievance and troubles of evil times; let turn us over
Breaking their rowdy instance, the spoils that trophy on mens rea

It is our wealth and our freedoms which corrupt us
We can’t know them, their gems manhandle friends,
Greatly, our gifts so make us rifts whereon we fall through
All in good case, for the sake and the leisure to act so smart

Placed to misuse ease we plunge into bathos of excess
Sad faculties jostle us, stamped with our names, determine
Whom we might yet authenticate so to be, establish,
A straitened and sightless flock of not-fussed sheep come by-ways

And a thousand times could have plumped for, called it, differently,
But the flat and one-note samba hopelessly moonlights vain somatas
Like the bequest of the drive-time homewards radio shows
Ta-ra rumping up brothers, sisters, with their happenstance and mojos

Kings in a parallel world are, signing us over to virulent pretext,
Selling us corn-fed fillips to eke and cherish
But let us stay limber, boxing clever, assembling some guide, take a lover?
Sisters, brothers, wherefore ye marginalise your God?
Who is laudamus honoraram in each of a thousand names,

The great God and good, the full root, who makes all happen,
Continue to be; who is, the good shoot supporting all:
Destination of all directions;

Yet still and regardless we stand-ups fare counterfactually
Ape apes who would window a helplessly faking madness
Devolved on us, stony, the hardest of hearts embedding

Running-on notwithstanding, sheer, in brutal strength of will,
Auto-ego thrusts, goes splat, on the world’s high altar
Repeatedly messing up; dense, undiscerning ingénues:

But the finger of God, bedazzling, hangs here, holding rings of peace