What’s it About?

It’s not about morality
It’s about love
It’s not standing on principle
It’s about love

It is not that thou shalt not
Nor is it limitation
It is life to live, given you to live, abundantly

It is the liberation of your mind
The body, soul, your spirit freed
Freed up from fear
Freed up to care

Freed up by love to love
Freed up to share
Riches of love which never run away

Rivers of living waters welling up in streams
That never shall run dry

Love’s life’s great liberator
Love is the ruler
Love is of beauty’s beautifier
Love is his flame of fire

Keeping the dark nights
From all desolation
And holding hope alive

Not by commandment are you sent
Nor as a slave to follow on
But in willing service to take on life
Find freedom in it

To lose that clog
To become a life augmented
To serve your people
And complete, make whole your person

As to give is your best privilege
And to receive with grace your honour
To do all well in what you find to do
You then fulfil all you are able to

Do all of what you do
In name and will and might
For love, and do it well, do all things well
For this is love, your master

Say well the things you say
In fair intention speak; speak up
Love’s truth, proffer with mercy
Whatever you might do, and so be kind

Don’t heed hurts if you are able
Put hurt out of your heart
Replacing pain with better care
Speaking patiently in peace

This is the fight
This the delight
To be an agency for love’s great charge
To let change happen and through you
Covering another’s heartaches over,
And then: a new land entered in upon

Deny all self-importance
Don’t even be important to yourself
Rebuff all principles
Tear down your high morality
That stands on self-esteem
And not on love

Forget accomplishment
Ambitious jealousies
Pass up smart opportunities to shine
Before your fellows’ eyes

The elite compete
But you must disavow
The chase of proud endeavour
A selfish self that thinks it’s clever

Be happy, be a fool
And be content to be so thought
Bear what is placed upon you
And don’t protest you’re put upon

The wilderness grows contentment
After worldliness’s tears
Have emptied out your soul’s full cup
And scorns once lived as real
In disregard evaporate

See you hang on to life’s substance
See you let go of its shows
See you find in love contentments
See you smile

The diadem of life is yours
To sell or give up gladly
For money or to lose to righteousness
(You’ll give up more for money)

Brave freedoms that you forfeit in the workplace
Are mere spent duties hire earns from the man
Anon there’s nothing left inside you standing up
Where a pledge once flowered established

Since work hire for the man gives no returns
No bastion to see you through
The best with worst clashing together
Without a sign or compass

There is a charge can see you through
(It shall not see through you)
It is love’s work; love is the man
A man he is, one wholly fair,
The Man: whose word is true