Wealth is Death

Wealth is death; so many die
Before their appointed confrontation
Before them pageantry of person
Images title, aspiration

Becomes them captures up by homage
Control and influence becoming prison:
Bought out, bought into, sold up, dummied
Life balled and chained a mind-made shackle

Decided thrall towards concession
Declension, incident constraint
Rewards in irony as written,
In triplicate, is signed regret

Blind willed trajectory, thief, allure,
Birth wild careers, ensample draw
String tangle, puppeteer, dress, dance
Tie in, tie up, tie down, despair

Our animal bucks, blood overmasters,
Attempts but master’s resolution
Brought under, broken, saddled, quartered,
Beggars our dream was for ourselves

A wonder man whose undergoing
Before, ahead, inspirited
Invites on highways undeniable
All must regard, he broker is

Discovers paradox on beauty:
Who dump their luggage fare weighted down:
Forgoing sheer germane humanity
Released enjoyed enslaved profound

Upturn revalue eject immovable
Eyes, wall vision, keys, your store
Lay down day labour set it here before
Proofed, unassuming, gift and open door