Episode #32: New beginnings

Announcing [ad hoc] Christianity Podcast 2.0: [ad hoc] Hangouts!

We’re back–for real this time, or Matthew will eat Travis’s dirty socks!

Those of you still subscribed (thanks!) will be glad to know that the [ad hoc] gang is rebooting the show in the form of a video podcast recorded via Hangouts On Air. We’ll record it and broadcast our discussions – replete with frequent participation from guests – live on YouTube and Google+.

Don’t worry: you’ll be able to remain subscribed to an mp3 version through this site’s old RSS feed…if you want to be all early-2000’s about it. We’re not currently planning on publishing the videos from this site, but you can subscribe to our YouTube channel to get all the new stuff.

We’re excited about our new format and can’t wait to get into some great discussions, bridging the familiar and the fringe of our faith.

Here’s our first episode in the new format. We discuss the new format, what’s been going on with us in the time since our last show, and some of our plans for the future.

Direct YouTube link: