Money – The Serpent – a faculty that lives persons’ lives

Consumption – Forbidden Fruit – Old, once common, term for wasting away of the body

Consumer – Adam and Eve – one who is bought

Consumerism – A Theology of the Divinity of Wealth

Environment – The Groans of the Earth

Pollution – Knowledge of Good and Evil

Resources – The Garden in the East

Sustainability – Noah in the Ark

Production – The Tower of Babel

Productivity – The Sweat of the Brow

Growth Forecast – The Deluge

Wealth Creation – The Golden Calf

Conservation – A Fig Leaf

Revenue – Temple Tax

Profit – Egyptian Years of Plenty

Loss – Egyptian Lean Years

The Economy – The Promised Land – just making do

Economics – The Holy Grail – Arts of Simon Magus

Discount – Manna from Heaven – a thing thought preposterous

Savings – The Seven Fat Cows – money not spent in a Fire Sale

Credit – The Thirty Pieces of Silver – on presumption put faith in a thing

Debit – The Kiss of Betrayal – that which is taken away

Owe –- The Strait Gate – a loan now overdue

Debtor – Pharaoh’s Baker – a prisoner nabbed and tagged

Debt – The Mark of Cain – Reciprocation owed for goodwill

Demand – Let My People Go – A bill imperative – due for payment

Supply – The Living Water – provision

Interest – Every Hair Counted – Solicitous concern for welfare

Bank – An Altar in the High Places – to invest confidence

Premium – A Burnt Offering – the best

Share – Lion lying down with the Lamb – all things in common

Stocks – The Desert Wastes – Apparatus for pillorying

Dividend – The Temple Treasure – Mutual society distribution scheme

Investment – The Potter’s Field – A good loaned gladly in hope of increase

Loan – The Early Rain – property temporarily passed for use to another

Lend – A Ransom for Many – to pass property temporarily for use to another

Borrow – Jacob’s Ladder – to enjoy temporarily property for use from another

Earnings – Unto This Last – income the fruit of work done

Income – The Moneychangers – amounts accruing over a duration

Remuneration – The Writing on the Wall – income as a return

Bonus – The Extra Mile – award over and above what is due

Finance – A Graven Image – the means to pay

Financier – Assurbanipal – person with means

Futures – Laying up Treasure in Barns – anticipated materials yet to exist

Competition – He who shall be the Greatest among you – overreaching to overtop

Stockmarket – The Division of the Spoils – Battle of Credit with Competition

Stockbrokers –The Philistines upon Thee – Croupiers

Shareholders – A Divider among you – Whited Sepulchres

Inflation – A Thief in the Night – overmatched avarice

Cut – The Two-edged Sword – a slice of meat or share of loot