Portrait of the artists dropping the ball

Yes, we have royally screwed up here at [ad hoc] Christianity.

Our scheduled May 25 topical show didn’t happen. Just didn’t happen. Lots of things were going on, and we felt really bad about it, but there was nothing we could do.

But gosh. It wasn’t until I was pushing out the June 1st show that I realized…we never attached the May 18th audio file to our episode release post! So no one heard it. It’s finally there (as your RSS catchers will no doubt notice), but man do I feel stupid about that. So now we’ve gone half a month without a show!

The depressing thing is that apparently, no one noticed. Or at least cared enough to inquire about our absence. I won’t lie: that makes me want to cry inside. Clearly we’ve got a ways to go in building an interactive community! But gosh, with blunders like these, I don’t blame anyone for not being engaged.

Rest assured, snafus aside, we’re still dedicated to pushing out the show, and are actively working on ways to keep these snafus from recurring. We apologize, and pledge to earn your fierce devotion and addiction!!