Our reading list just got a lot longer…

Every day, multiple times a day, Matthew, Steve, and sometimes Travis search high and low through our Google Reader and elsewhere to find good material to bring you on our semimonthly Blogosphere Roundup. The problem is, we’re only human (if even that), and we often feel like we’re giving you stuff from the same old blogs over and over because we’re not aware enough of all the interesting material in the blogosphere. In a 40-50 minute show we can only deal with 60 items at best, but we have often wished we had a broader selection from which to cull good and interesting candidates.

Enter Tim Ricchuiti of The Elaborated

With his painstaking work on creating RSS feeds from the 300+ biblioblogs as listed at NT Wrong’s Biblioblog Top 50, we now have a much, much broader base from which to make our selections. He’s got multiple RSS feeds, some dedicated to specific categories and a couple bundled together for a more comprehensive list.

Expect to hear fewer repeats from the same blogs, particularly within the same podcast — although keep in mind that there are always certain blogs that truly deserve to be mentioned multiple times.

Thanks, Tim: you just improved our podcast!