How should Christians respond to the Arizona Shootings?

Checking through our immense “blog-base” this morning. I ran across this fantastic quote from Joel at Unsettled Christianity

I believe that we are better than this in this country. I do believe that we are a city set on a hill which has taken the best of the world has shined light into the darkness of political enslavement. We have not done so according to our birthright, not all the time, but we can and we should. As a Christian, I believe that we are being called, today, to serve as the example of a people who lead by discourse, by justice, by compassion so that God may be glorified through us. We are not called to demonize or to issue vitriolic speeches. We are called to be Christ, moved by Sophia/Logos, to this fallen world.

What do all you listeners of the podcast think about the shooting?  What is the appropriate Christian response?