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Episode #34: Déjà vu with the evolved Mike Beidler

This week we discuss the status of the evolution controversy in the Evangelical community and the best approaches to broaching the topic among the resistant with a returning guest, Naval Commander Mike Beidler. Mike occasionally blogs at

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Episode #33: Chat with an unsettled Christian

This week we chat with Joel Watts, author of the popular biblioblog Unsettled Christianity, about his faith background and theological development. We discuss the difficulties and perks of looking deeper into the things we are taught to believe and we point out things that have helped us stay sane during our various transitions.

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Episode #27: Interview with James McGrath

Today’s very special guest is the Paragon of Biblioblogging himself, Clarence L. Goodwin Chair of New Testament Language and Literature at Butler University, and the answer to the question “Doctor Who?”…Dr. James McGrath!

James is the author of the important blog, Exploring Our Matrix. Join us for a fun conversation about various factors in his own theological revolution, the impact learning from other cultures has on our understanding of the Bible, and the value of the biblioblogosphere. We also talk with him about the book he recently edited called Religion and Science Fiction, and his always entertaining and enlightening toe-to-toes bouts with vociferous mythicists. It’s a great discussion we guarantee you’ll enjoy. Or your money back!

Episode #25: Interview with David Withun

David Withun is the author of the popular blog Pious Fabrications, dedicated to a scholarly discussion of church history. He joins us this week to discuss his colorful history with (and without) religion (as described in this blog post) before settling upon his current Eastern Orthodox commitments. We chat about differences in Eastern and Western modes of thinking, the role of the Body of Christ within Orthodoxy, and his view on the nature and value of Scripture.

Episode #22: Interview with Eric Reitan

We were pleased to have the chance to chat with Eric Reitan. Eric is Professor of Philosophy at Oklahoma State University and the author of the excellent blog The Piety That Lies Between: A Progressive Christian Perspective (a favorite of our blog reviews), as well as two books. We talk about the background of his faith, his response to Richard Dawkins in Is God a Delusion?, his thoughts on the nature of apologetics, and his forthcoming co-authored book on Christian universalism, God’s Final Victory: A Comparative Philosophical Case for Universalism.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Episode #13: Interview with Mike Beidler

This week, the gang interviews Mike Beidler of the blog The Creation of an Evolutionist, a popular blog that chronicled his transition from young earth creationism and inerrantist readings of Scripture. We get to talk with him about that transition, the state of evangelicals’ current relationship with evolution, how to maintain respectful relationships with and engage more conservative Christians in his characteristically non-obnoxious style, and more.

Mike is a commander in the US Navy and the editor of the recent revision of Behind the Veil of Moses: Piecing Together the Mystery of the Second Coming.

Drive-by interview: Arni Zachariassen

On a planned whim, I scheduled an interview with our friend Arni Zachariassen.  In it we resolve how to pronounce his name and get around to some pretty cool discussion about evolution, the New Atheists, egalitarianism, divorce, marriage, and so many other things I can’t remember!  I hope you enjoy!

Look for more interviews with Christian bloggers to come. If you’d like to schedule a chat with us, drop one of us a line!


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